1. The One : Sable (Feat. Kele)


    Kele has joined forces with Aussie beatmaker Sable thanks to Jack Daniels and their #JDFutureLegends project. They’ve released a couple of trailers and it’s finally here. Best part? It’s a FREE download! A music video was also released for this fast-paced electronica ballad.

    It’s growing on me quick! x





  2. alxcia:

    They are BLOC PARTY.


  3. We Were Lovers - Bloc Party - Another Weekend In The City.

    Formerly known as ‘Into The Blue’ and ‘Cells Shaped Like Stars’.


  4. Bloc Party removes all band members from Twitter bio..except for Lissack.


    Well, folks.

    It seems as if this is it. The final nail in the coffin for the band as Bloc Party’s Twitter bio has been stripped of all the band members names and respective Twitter handles. Only guitarist Russell Lissack remains. 

    The only thing that’s left is the announcement. Matt has been gone since the last leg of The Four Tour, what’s taken so long for the band to officially announce it?


  5. thisisblocparty:

    Here is Kele new track Doubt for anyone that missed it last night on the radio. enjoy!


  6. KELE : Doubt 

    New (single?) track that Kele debuted over on BBC Radio 6 with Steve Lamacq has now been released, you can listen to it for free on Spotify. No news on physical releases or itunes release yet..keep your eyes peeled!

    What does everyone think of the club rocking new Kele track?


  7. Could it be? Russell Lissack shows off ‘The Angel Range’ CD on Twitter..


    This could very well be Russell Lissack trolling his beloved Bloc Party fan community, but he tweeted the picture with the teasing caption, “Any offers?”

    Plenty of them. Already has had a barrage of fans offering him a price. Does “Lovelife” seem like a legitimate title to an Angel Range CD? Russell has also confirmed that Lead By Example and American Kids are both on the CD. Too good to be true? Has Troll Party lead fans on again?

    Cross your fingers, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll find out soon enough! x



  9. KELE : TRICK - OCTOBER 13 2013


    By now, you all should know that your favorite Bloc Party frontman has announced his second LP, ‘Trick’ due out in October. Absolutely no signs or hints of him getting back into his solo gig, just a teaser and an announcement. 10 brand new songs coming out on Lilac Records with hopefully a solo tour on the rise!

    I’m really excited for this new Kele release, I’ve actually been hoping he’d bring back his solo stuff as he unfortunately cancelled his solo date in Washington DC due to Laryngitis in 2010.


    1) First Impressions
    2) Coasting
    3) Doubt
    4) Closer
    5) Like We Used To
    6) Humour Me
    7) Year Zero
    8) My Hotel Room
    9) Silver and Gold
    10) Stay the Night

    Are you excited for the new Kele album?!



  10. biffyeatworldbacksundayatsix182 said: Is there really something happening with Bloc Party or am I reading an old post ? I was worried they were finished...

    According to Kele’s most recent Q&A, there’s SOMETHING going on with Bloc Party. Whether it’s a good or bad something is yet to be seen, but the fact that there’s anything going on with them at all is great news!

    They all seem so busy these days. Keep your eyes peeled!

    Watch this space for any news. x