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  4. And here’s the new single from Kele if you haven’t had the chance to hear it.. x




  6. New KELE single : Coasting + Europe Tour Announced!


    Kele Okereke has been keeping busy reviving his solo career as he has released the official audio for his second single, ‘Coasting’ off his incoming sophomore release, ‘Trick’.

    These new tracks from Kele have been very deep-house oriented, a different focus than his previous works, sounding more like his DJ’ed EPs on the Crosstown Records label. ‘Coasting’ was beautifully constructed with heavy electronic instrumentation and the delicate falsetto of Okereke.

    You can get both singles, ‘Coasting’ and ‘Doubt’ downloaded free instantly if you pre-order the new album, ‘Trick’ here.


    And Kele has finally announced his first leg of his tour in support of his new album in Europe! His new setup, a lot of DJ oriented equipment, less synthesizers and instruments than his band used on ‘The Boxer’ tour.

    Okereke on the announcement of his tour:

    "I will be performing tracks from new album TRICK as well as tracks from my previous records, expect some surprises.

    A lot of the inspiration for TRICK came from my late night DJ sets,
    so it made sense for me that for my first run of shows I would be performing my record live in clubs all over Europe.”


    26 Sep - Chester - The Live Rooms - UK

    4 Oct - Warsaw - Free Form Festival - Poland

    24 Oct - Lingen - Emsland Arena Foyer - Germany

    25 Oct - Paris - La Gaite Lyrique - France

    6 Nov - Amsterdam - Paradiso - The Netherlands

    15 Nov - London - Oval Space - UK

    21 Nov - Barcelona - Razzmatazz - Spain

    28 Nov - Glasgow - Swg3 - UK

    29 Nov - Manchester - Gorilla - UK

    Each date has the link to tickets! Excited for the new KELE stuff? x


  7. Kele speaks out on being gay and black in the Indie Rock vs. Dance worlds.


    Kele Okereke has written up a very insightful look inside the indie rock and dance communities through his eyes. Being a black and gay musician, Kele has faced some difficulty always being in the public eye, and he opens up about what it’s been like. The not-so-welcoming life of being in an indie rock band, and the open-armed welcome into the Dance crowd.

    I highly recommend this read, not only because he’s one of the most amazing musicians of all time, but because it’s really alarming, eye-opening, and explains a lot of what you think goes around behind the scenes..

    "The real test for me now as we start preparing the fifth Bloc Party record, is how can I take what I have learned from this world and bring it into another? How can I cross-pollinate? I’m not talking about recycling sounds—that would be reductive and crude. I’m talking about the experience. How can I make something so personal and transcendental translate in the world of indie rock, and is it even possible? I don’t know, but therein lies the challenge, and thats a challenge I am excited to undertake."





  9. Hero.


  10. Best way to celebrate 10 years of Silent Alarm? “Make more records..”


    Some good Bloc Party news. Some positivity. Kele Okereke had a chat with Aussie music news MusicFeeds and the inevitable subject of Bloc Party was brought back to life. Kele was asked how the band were planning to commemorate for the 10 year anniversary of the glorified Bloc debut, Silent Alarm and he responded interestingly..

    “I think the most impressive thing that we could do as a band would be to respond [by] looking forward and keep on making music to say that we’re still motivated.” 

    "I think that’s more important than revival or some kind of nostalgic experience. I feel that the band isn’t some record – at this point it’s a collection of records – and I feel that the best way to honour that would be to make more records, not just to look back to where we were.”

    “I don’t think that sort of thing does much good for artists. I always cringe a little bit when you hear about bands going around just touring on a kind of anniversary record. I feel that it just seems a little bit cynical.”

    YES! Kele wants Bloc Party to make new records! And so does the rest of the world. We can only hope the rest of the band feels the same way. Read the rest of the MusicFeed interview with Kele HERE.

    Rejoice at the sight of good Bloc Party news! x