2. Kele Okereke performing at the Who Is William Onyeabor? tribute concert @ the Barbican Centre on April 1st.

    (Should’ve worn that hat during performances of Coliseum.)


  3. New Kele Interview with Altsounds!

    Kele Okereke gave Altsounds an interesting interview on his evolution as a musician, the meaning behind the name of his new EP, ‘Candy Flip, what the best/worst songs he’s ever written are, and a lot more.


    Kele on other indie rock bands: “I think the issue for me was I didn’t really want to hear other people’s music. I have no problem with them playing Miley Cyrus in the gym, it’s good for me to know what pop music is right now, but I don’t really want to know what Bastille sound like. I’m sure they’re fine, I’m sure they sound awesome, but I wanna keep that thing at bay.”




  5. Talons - Bloc Party - Intimacy.


  6. The Answer - Bloc Party - Bloc Party EP.


  7. Kele announces new EP: ‘Candy Flip’

    The Bloc Party frontman has kept himself extremely busy for this indefinite hiatus as he has announced a new electronic dance EP on the Crosstown Records label.


    After coming out with his new house EP, ‘Heartbreaker’, Kele has been remixing artists such as MS MR, The Naked And The Famous and Saint Raymond. Kele was also featured on the premiere single RAC single, ‘Let Go’, off his new record, Strangers (Part 1). Posting mixes on YouTube and Soundcloud, while embarking on a short US DJ Tour. And now he’s back to give us a few more tracks to dance along to..

    The EP is entitled, ‘Candy Flip’.


    1.) Candy Flip

    2.) The New Feel

    3.) Candy Flip (FCL Remix)

    4.) Come To Me (Feat. Jenny Bastet)

    Out digitally on April 14th, will also be out on 12” vinyl HERE on March 31st.



  8. Bloc Party signed Fender Telecaster.


  9. Amazing shout-out by the greatest guitarist in the world, Russell Lissack himself! Another milestone for the blog! I’m so thankful for everyone who’s supported this blog and the making of that Blocumentary. 

    If you haven’t seen it yet, click HERE and do so.

    Thanks, everyone. x

    P.S. Notice Russell said “Bloc Party The story so far.” Great little sign for the future of the band! 


  10. New Russell Lissack side-project announced!


    Finally, a positive rumor from the Bloc Party camp as the recently turned 33 year old guitarist has confirmed a new music project that he is currently working on via twitter:

    Could it be a Pin Me Down reunion? New band? Whatever the case may be, Russell Lissack is now working on new music!