1. KELE : TRICK - OCTOBER 13 2013


    By now, you all should know that your favorite Bloc Party frontman has announced his second LP, ‘Trick’ due out in October. Absolutely no signs or hints of him getting back into his solo gig, just a teaser and an announcement. 10 brand new songs coming out on Lilac Records with hopefully a solo tour on the rise!

    I’m really excited for this new Kele release, I’ve actually been hoping he’d bring back his solo stuff as he unfortunately cancelled his solo date in Washington DC due to Laryngitis in 2010.


    1) First Impressions
    2) Coasting
    3) Doubt
    4) Closer
    5) Like We Used To
    6) Humour Me
    7) Year Zero
    8) My Hotel Room
    9) Silver and Gold
    10) Stay the Night

    Are you excited for the new Kele album?!



  2. biffyeatworldbacksundayatsix182 said: Is there really something happening with Bloc Party or am I reading an old post ? I was worried they were finished...

    According to Kele’s most recent Q&A, there’s SOMETHING going on with Bloc Party. Whether it’s a good or bad something is yet to be seen, but the fact that there’s anything going on with them at all is great news!

    They all seem so busy these days. Keep your eyes peeled!

    Watch this space for any news. x



  4. It really irks me when people post one of my edits without any sort of credit…but you even took the Bloc Party name off..come on now..

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  6. Russell Lissack guitar riffs return with Mew!

    Teases from the Mew camp have come rather frequent, hinting out a special appearance from a familiar guitarist might surface on their new record, said to be released in 2015.

    Russell Lissack has been rumored to have played on 2 tracks on the new Mew record, and now one song has come to life. The Danish Alt-Rock band played a song at the Northside Festival simply titled ‘Russell’. The song, although not played by Russell live, definitely has a Bloc Party feel to it.

    Listen/watch Mew play ‘Russell’ live HERE!


  7. I Still Remember - Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City.

    Song memory: “my first love got me into bloc party when she gave me ‘a weekend in the city’. We both especially loved ‘I still remember’, the day I found out it was about a homosexual crush in high school was actually when I realised that I loved her. It didn’t quite work out and we didn’t part on good terms but that song will always remind me of the good times and how I felt back then" - moreidiotthanmurderer


  8. New project coming soon to the BlocPartyLyrics YouTube channel soon..

    Stay tuned. x


  9. Talons - Bloc Party - Intimacy.

    First played live: Hailfax, Nova Scotia : The Marquee Club - September 14th, 2008.


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